Men’s Jewellery

Modern men deserve refined looks, and it has never been easier to create them. GLAMIRA’s jewellery selection for men lets you go beyond limits and express your unique self by getting that look that's out of reach.

Men’s Jewellery
Men’s Engagement Rings

Men’s Engagement Rings

Appealing to both classic and contemporary tastes, you will find the ultimate symbol of your commitment in this exclusive selection of engagement rings for men.

Eye-Catching Pieces for Men

Our exquisite pieces for men has something for everyone, featuring everything from luxury and eye-catching designs to casual everyday styles.

Men’s Wedding Rings

While some men choose a classic band, many others opt for a ring with elaborated designs or with diamonds and gemstones. Explore different styles to find the one that's right for you.

Wood & Carbon Wedding Rings

Wood & Carbon Wedding Rings

Exclusive Wedding Rings

Exclusive Wedding Rings

Leather Bracelets

Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets that are designed specifically for the modern man will add a touch of class to your outfit and reflect the vibe you want to represent.

Men’s Ceramic Jewellery

Men’s Ceramic Jewellery

Ceramic jewellery is the perfect choice for fashionable men, as it brings a stylish touch to the concept of men's jewellery. Explore our wide selection of ceramic jewellery for men to enhance your image.


Make a Statement with GLAMIRA’s Men’s Jewellery!

Men's jewellery is a statement even more than ever! There is fashion and then there is GLAMIRA. Men have never had it easier to find the style they demand. A look they design themselves. Or... How about giving a gift to your special man who deserves the best? When GLAMIRA says the best, they mean the best in jewellery for men. How about cufflinks? How about rings? Now take these and personalise them as you wish in the metals and gems you know will be pleasing to the eye and make that statement you've been looking for. Besides you deserve the best. You've worked hard and want to let the world know you've made it to the top!

At GLAMIRA, you don't just buy jewellery, every item is personalised to your liking. There is no other way to buy men’s jewellery like you can on the GLAMIRA website. When you visit you can pick the item you want to search, then you can personalise the item in any way. Search the collections to find the design that is perfect for you. Then, make it yours by selecting the metal or alloy. Then you can choose the gemstones that you like. Once you've placed the order, GLAMIRA's artisans start to make your personalised creation.

What is customised men’s jewellery? Customised jewellery is your statement to the world. It makes you unique amongst all others. You are an individual so should be your accessories. A custom suit is a statement of taste and refinement. The suit is designed for you and you alone. So if you choose cufflinks and other accessories, shouldn't you also ensure that the items you wear with the suit are customised just as your suit? Of course! This is where GLAMIRA can assist you in matching your accessories to your personal style. And at GLAMIRA, style goes a long long way. You can utilise practically any metals, precious or otherwise. Gemstones in a rainbow of colours to match your mood or strategy. We know diamonds are “a girl's best friend”, but they can also make a man, the man!

When choosing your jewellery at GLAMIRA you have the best assurance of quality anywhere. Are you considering diamond or gemstones? Rest assured that the diamonds that adorn your GLAMIRA jewellery are ascertained to be conflict free diamonds. This means that the diamonds you wear are from reliable sources that follow strict guidelines to ensure human rights and labour standards.

When it comes to diamond men’s jewellery GLAMIRA has the expertise to make your diamonds subtle or stand out as boldly as you wish. A diamond is one of the hardest minerals found on earth. It is your benchmark for success. You worked hard to be a success. Now you can choose the ring that shows your mettle.

Be direct, be discrete. Diamond cufflinks are the way to make this statement true on both counts. Cufflinks are most likely the best form of a man's personality in the business world. For business or black-tie, diamond cufflinks are a fantastic way to show the world 'who you are'.

Always been the 'black sheep' of the family or crowd? You can always stake your claim to that honour with something from GLAMIRA with a black diamond men’s jewellery. Black diamonds are by far one of the precious gemstones that get attention. You can have this wonderfully sleek stone as an accent or the main centrepiece stone on your custom men’s jewellery. The choice is yours to make. You are in control of every aspect of the design of your jewellery.

When it comes to gold, we all imagine the yellow gold wedding bands of our fathers and grandfathers. Plain and simple. No muss, no fuss. But in today’s world, there are so many choices to make in the metals you can use in all jewellery. Glamira has many gold alloys to choose from and you may not even know they exist! How about white gold men’s jewellery with its penetrating glisten? How about rose gold men’s jewellery with its mystery? And of course, yellow gold men’s jewellery that will no doubt be available to make your statement in the colour that you want. How about tri-metal or multi-metal designs? GLAMIRA has every type of metals and alloys available for the design of your personalised men’s jewellery.

Today, gold men’s rings are more than for just wedding bands. A man can show his success, or his creative spirit with a wide array of designs made from the most valued metal in the world... Gold. Make your gold ring something special, unique, and a trademark of your success. You can select from a wide range of designs and then choose your gold, your gems and stones. You can even have it engraved with a name or favourite quotation.

When it comes to gemstone men’s jewellery selections, GLAMIRA has a rainbow of colours to choose from. But don't worry, the web site can assist you in choosing the correct gemstones and colours. Gemstones come in precious and semi precious types. Some are constant in colour and others, like rubies, come in a wider range of tones. Minerals, stones, and pearls are all available besides gems and diamonds. With GLAMIRA, the choice is always yours.

Emerald men’s jewellery is based on the colour green. It is the colour of the sea, the forests and trees. Emeralds can be the focus gemstone of your jewellery or they can be an accent to other stones, diamonds or gems. The choice in design is yours to make. An emerald is a precious gemstone and GLAMIRA has the collections and designs to showcase them exquisitely. You can select your emeralds from a wide variety of sizes and cut. You are in control to choose whatever you want.

Like the sky, a sapphire is the colour blue. It is also the colour of the sea. Sapphires are the eternal in all of us. Sapphires can be featured stones or accent gemstones as you wish. With GLAMIRA, all choices are yours. Did you know there are also white sapphires?

How about sapphire rings for you? Rings with sapphires are most likely a bold statement that a man can make. Check the wide array of sapphire men’s jewellery in the GLAMIRA collections. White sapphires are a great alternative to diamonds.

It is a stone that ranges from pink to deep red. It is a ruby. Rubies are most likely the most personal gemstones of all as they range in colour from pale to bold. A full spectrum of red. Rubies can accent any piece of jewellery or, be the centrepiece stone of the item. Rubies and diamonds, rubies and white sapphires, rubies and crystals are all stunningly beautiful arrangements.

What better way to give a gift with your “man's” birthstone on a masculine piece of jewellery from GLAMIRA? Birthstones are the perfect way to remember your favourite person's birthday! How about putting one stone for each member of the family? It's up to you. As a family man, you want to ensure that the world knows you have a wonderful happy family. Birthstones vary from month to month and actually there are some variations of the stones from country to country. Sound confusing? No problem. GLAMIRA has it all set up for you to choose the right stone for the right person for the right month.

You are a success. You know how you got there. Time is money. GLAMIRA knows that when you are in the market for high-end men’s jewellery you do not have the time to wander around looking for the perfect item for yourself, a loved one, or for that special one of a kind gift for a special business client. Wherever you have an internet connection, you can place your customised order in minutes. Now you can order the jewellery you want and not have to worry about what your assistant thinks would be nice. A real gift from you. Or to you.

GLAMIRA started with rings. Rings are its specialty and rings for men are designed and crafted by the best goldsmiths in the world. A wedding band is the universal statement of love. It shares the perfect circle of eternity. The collections of men's rings on the GLAMIRA web site are stunning. Once you've chosen a design, you have almost every metal and gemstone available to adorn your creation. All the colours of nature are here to suit your style and needs.

There are very few adjectives to describe platinum. The best one that comes to mind is endurable. More precious than gold, platinum is a metal that can endure the test of time and never change, scratch or tarnish. It is a metal that knows its place in jewellery... For the perfectionist and the connoisseur of art, form, and function. Browse GLAMIRA’s platinum men’s jewellery for a perfect ring or a perfect pair of cufflinks.

Want to be unique? Why not make your statement with onyx jewellery for men? Onyx is a mineral that is not only durable, it is marvellous in look and design. But don't be fooled by carbonate look-alike items. Onyx is a durable and robust mineral and it’s been used in fine arts and jewellery for thousands of years. Dating back to ancient egyptian times, onyx is your choice to make a lasting impression in a “gem” stone!

Why go with ordinary rings when you can go with mineral based onyx rings? Why not try a ring that is made from this amazing mineral? Glamira has a wide selection of onyx rings for you to choose from. Show the world you are unique and a trendsetter! There is no better way to show that than with an onyx ring.

Onyx cufflinks can be crafted to to make your statement in many different ways. But most of all... Your way! The exquisite structure of the onyx crystal ensures that each and every piece is unique. Not only in unique layers and patterns, but also in colour variants as well.

Is it a hereditary interest? Or just a fabulous design? One of the most recognisable designs known around the world would have to be celtic symbols. Symbols of life and eternity. So why not get yourself, or give as a gift, a celtic men’s ring? A wide variety of designs are available on the website that you can customise and personalise as you wish.

Besides a tie, one of the best gifts for a man is cufflinks. GLAMIRA can create personalised cufflinks for you or the favourite man in your life. You can create just about any cufflink in any metal or alloy. You can add gemstones or even diamonds. It is all up to you. Want engraving? It is all at your fingertips.

When it comes to making it one of a kind, custom cufflinks are easy to create with GLAMIRA. You can select everything with just a click of the mouse. It is truly a one of a kind custom item that you are creating. Choose your metals or alloys and stones. Finish it up with engraving word that are special to you or your loved ones.

When you don't know how to say it, you can really say a lot when you give a gift of gold cufflinks to that special person in your life. Of course, you can customise them in any way you like. You can even have them engraved with names or quotes.

You've reached the zenith of your field. You are at the summit and can look no higher. You are now ready for platinum cufflinks to show that you worked hard. You can create your cufflinks on the GLAMIRA website to include the gemstones you like. Make it diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or sapphires. Or, add them all... You're playing by your rules now! Even if you still have a ways to go to get to the top, you can still show where you are headed in your pursuit of perfection and pride. Platinum says it in volumes!