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  1. GLAMIRA Pendant Rheda

    GLAMIRA Pendant Rheda

    925 Silver & Diamond

    0.235 crt - VS

    USD 424.00
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    GLAMIRA Pendant Armelda
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    GLAMIRA Necklace Iselin
  4. More stone size
    GLAMIRA Pendant Arnecia
  5. lifetime warranty
  6. More stone size
    GLAMIRA Pendant Lokelani Ø6 mm
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    GLAMIRA Pendant Zulma
  8. More stone size
    GLAMIRA Pendant Leyonna Ø8 mm
  9. Newest Design
  10. GLAMIRA Necklace Paula

    GLAMIRA Necklace Paula

    585 Rose Gold & Diamond

    0.685 crt - VS

    USD 1,618.00
  11. lifetime warranty
  12. More stone size
    GLAMIRA Pendant Lemuela Ø8 mm
  13. More stone size
    GLAMIRA Pendant Lapriel Ø6 mm
  14. 60 day return policy
  15. GLAMIRA Necklace Klea

    GLAMIRA Necklace Klea

    925 Silver & Ruby

    0.3 crt - AAA

    USD 269.00
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    GLAMIRA Necklace Denisa
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    GLAMIRA Necklace Neta
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    GLAMIRA Pendant Katrinka Ø8 mm
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    GLAMIRA Necklace Layalina Ø4 mm
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    GLAMIRA Pendant Lecorria Ø6 mm
  21. More stone size
    GLAMIRA Necklace Levetta Ø6 mm
  22. More stone size
    GLAMIRA Necklace Lizeddie Ø6 mm
  23. Ceramic Jewellery

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GLAMIRA Personalised Necklaces for Women

GLAMIRA offers a large selection of necklaces for women including pendants and colliers. The unique styles of each necklace carry personalization to a new level, a new generation of jewelry. You can choose one from angels, crosses, solitaires and more, and add your taste including alloy, colour, gemstones and even the model of chains. By wearing your heart on your finger and clasping your imagination around your neck as heart pendants , be ready as inspiring in your passion and as glamorous in your beauty. Or personalize one among

angel pendants

to make GLAMIRA angels flap their wings around your heart. Choosing cross necklaces from GLAMIRA allows you to bless your feelings by holding it close to your heart. Many styles can be customized with color stones, birthstones, or diamonds as well. Find yourself in GLAMIRA.co.uk to imagine the moment when you are making your showy hit and spread the fairy dust of your imagination with that eye-dazzling design-it-yourself necklaces. Let your heart show its colour by your necklaces... Rose Quartz of the mood when the butterflies in your stomach... Tanzanite of the sky with frail clouds and yellow sapphire shining and gathering the rainbow over you… Or diamond solitaire necklace will toy with the rules of daily life and open the doors to the brilliance. So you can create your tactile piece which you can touch and play with your fingers when you daydream of who you love so dearly! If it sounds too jazzy and stylish, you can use your imagination and shop at GLAMIRA for all those necklaces for women!