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  1. GLAMIRA Bridal Set Snazy

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Snazy

    750 White Gold & Diamond

    0.77 crt - VS

    USD 3,512.00
    (Set Price)
  2. /

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Glowing Beauty

    Rotgold 375 & White Sapphire

    0.935 crt - AAA

    USD 1,003.00
    (Set Price)
  3. GLAMIRA Bridal Set Splendiferous

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Splendiferous

    750 White Gold & White Sapphire

    1.934 crt - AAA

    USD 3,040.00
    (Set Price)
  4. /

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Dreamy

    585 White Gold & White Sapphire

    1.07 crt - AAA

    USD 1,371.00
    (Set Price)
  5. GLAMIRA Bridal Set Flamboyant

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Flamboyant

    585 Rose Gold & White Sapphire

    1.001 crt - AAA

    USD 1,654.00
    (Set Price)
  6. /

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Precious Moments

    585 White Gold & Amethyst

    1.212 crt - AAA

    USD 1,370.00
    (Set Price)
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  8. GLAMIRA Bridal Set Puffin

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Puffin

    925 Silver & Diamond & White Sapphire

    1.12 crt - VS

    USD 4,207.00
    (Set Price)
  9. /

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Graceful

    585 White Gold & White Sapphire

    0.755 crt - AAA

    USD 1,013.00
    (Set Price)
  10. GLAMIRA Bridal Set Swanky

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Swanky

    375 White Gold & White Sapphire

    1.94 crt - AAA

    USD 1,731.00
    (Set Price)
  11. /

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Elegance

    750 Yellow Gold & Diamond

    1.51 crt - VS

    USD 4,240.00
    (Set Price)
  12. /

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Heavenly Vows

    375 Yellow Gold & Ruby

    0.5 crt - AA

    USD 996.00
    (Set Price)
  13. GLAMIRA Bridal Set Blooming

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Blooming

    585 White Gold & White Sapphire

    1.23 crt - AAA

    USD 1,655.00
    (Set Price)
  14. GLAMIRA Bridal Set Crinkly

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Crinkly

    925 Silver & White Sapphire

    1.23 crt - AAA

    USD 1,017.00
    (Set Price)
  15. GLAMIRA Bridal Set Marvelous

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Marvelous

    585 Rose Gold & White Sapphire

    1.45 crt - AAA

    USD 1,972.00
    (Set Price)
  16. GLAMIRA Bridal Set Cuddly

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Cuddly

    750 White Gold & Diamond & White Sapphire

    2.038 crt - VS

    USD 14,409.00
    (Set Price)
  17. Engagement Rings
  18. GLAMIRA Bridal Set Sumptuous

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Sumptuous

    585 Yellow Gold & White Sapphire

    1.288 crt - AAA

    USD 1,814.00
    (Set Price)
  19. /

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Perfect Match

    585 Rose Gold & Diamond

    0.174 crt - VS

    USD 1,055.00
    (Set Price)
  20. /

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set One Only

    585 White Gold & White Sapphire

    0.54 crt - AAA

    USD 1,192.00
    (Set Price)
  21. GLAMIRA Bridal Set Keyser

    GLAMIRA Bridal Set Keyser

    375 White Gold & White Sapphire

    0.135 crt - AAA

    USD 546.00
    (Set Price)

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Wedding Bridal Set Rings at GLAMIRA.co.uk

Why struggle to pair an engagement ring and a wedding band when GLAMIRA have done it for you by its bridal set made in dreamland? Two rings, a sumptuous engagement ring and a splendorous wedding band, become one, just like the two of you as soul mates who heavenly vow...GLAMIRA bridal set rings are here for you to make a bold statement which defines you with their designs, gemstones and other gemmiferous details perfectly matched. Can be glittery with diamonds, snazzy bridal sets will remain timeless and treasured forever! You can select

diamond bridal sets

which are composed of a diamond solitaire or solitaire pave engagement rings and wedding band with/without pavé set petité stones. GLAMIRA product detail tabs on the left side of the page will also guide you to decide on the diamonds you will carry upon your rings. Moreover, you can personalize each of rings separately.
While you can simply purchase a GLAMIRA bridal set among, you have an option firing your imagination is to choose a set you can partly design yourself. The engagement ring might be set with any gemstones of your choice or any alloys of your taste.For example, you can create white gold bridal sets with sapphire as the central stone. At GLAMIRA.co.uk, every matching sets feature overlapping designs to highlight the central gemstone you choose. This is a way of adding your own creativity to the bridal set!