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  1. GLAMIRA Ring Ailfrid

    GLAMIRA Ring Ailfrid

    925 Silver & Sapphire

    0.45 crt - AAA

    USD 859.00
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  4. GLAMIRA Ring Agenor

    GLAMIRA Ring Agenor

    585 White Gold & Sapphire

    0.4 crt - AAA

    USD 1,416.00
  5. GLAMIRA Ring Admetus

    GLAMIRA Ring Admetus

    375 White Gold & Sapphire

    0.4 crt - AAA

    USD 1,056.00
  6. GLAMIRA Ring Lonel

    GLAMIRA Ring Lonel

    750 Yellow Gold & Diamond

    0.25 crt - VS

    USD 2,092.00
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Men’s Ring at GLAMIRA.co.uk - Gold and Silver Rings for Men

At GLAMIRA, we adopts our motto as our vision that any jewellery you wear should be as unique as you. Therefore, GLAMIRA creates its collections of men’s rings for the quality of the gems, the inspiration of the design and the perfection of the result. You can write your own sentence in bold with its own meaning, which can not be said in any other way!
You could customise your ring and when you choose your gemstone and create your ideal ring at GLAMIRA.co.uk, your personality also comes into play: You could choose among the most popular colours as well as many precious stones including ruby, emerald, and a real diamond. The result can be an astonishing example of men’s diamond rings. Or, would you like more an economical one? Try customising

men’s silver rings

with Swarovski gemstones. Not only gems do glitter your outlook, but you can also choose the metal of yours. It comes in many styles, including solid metal; metal with a gem crafted upon it; metal combined with a second metal. You can choose one among powerfully designed men’s gold rings which suits your personality since gold is the only precious metal that combines rarity and durability in its structure. You can also have any name or birthdates engraved in your ring. Actually, GLAMIRA’s creative knows that having a style is a must for men to be cool. So let creativity be your guide and celebrate your style with GLAMIRA Men’s Rings!