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  1. GLAMIRA Brooch Laxita

    GLAMIRA Brooch Laxita

    585 Rose Gold & Diamond

    0.971 crt - VS

    USD 1,818.00
  2. lifetime warranty
  3. GLAMIRA Brooch Hoja

    GLAMIRA Brooch Hoja

    Rotgold 375 & Diamond

    0.385 crt - VS

    USD 675.00
  4. Newest Design
  5. GLAMIRA Brooch Lavola

    GLAMIRA Brooch Lavola

    585 White Gold & Diamond

    3.34 crt - VS

    USD 19,381.00
  6. 60 day return policy
  7. GLAMIRA Brooch Wreath

    GLAMIRA Brooch Wreath

    375 Yellow Gold & Garnet

    0.378 crt - AAA

    USD 420.00
  8. GLAMIRA Brooch Serpente

    GLAMIRA Brooch Serpente

    Rotgold 375 & Sapphire

    2.669 crt - AAA

    USD 1,304.00
  9. GLAMIRA Brooch Tulip

    GLAMIRA Brooch Tulip

    585 White Gold & Diamond

    1.142 crt - SI

    USD 5,910.00
  10. Precisely Handcrafted Jewellery
  11. GLAMIRA Brooch Circinal

    GLAMIRA Brooch Circinal

    750 White Gold & Diamond

    1.435 crt - VS

    USD 3,302.00
  12. GLAMIRA Brooch Elica

    GLAMIRA Brooch Elica

    585 Yellow Gold & Diamond

    0.498 crt - VS

    USD 1,215.00
  13. GLAMIRA Brooch Fiolett

    GLAMIRA Brooch Fiolett

    Rotgold 375 & Diamond

    0.728 crt - VS

    USD 1,460.00
  14. GLAMIRA Brooch Libelle

    GLAMIRA Brooch Libelle

    585 White Gold & Diamond

    0.582 crt - VS

    USD 1,066.00
  15. GLAMIRA Brooch Kelcie

    GLAMIRA Brooch Kelcie

    925 Silver & Diamond

    0.697 crt - VS

    USD 1,169.00

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Brooches - Costume Jewellery at GLAMIRA.co.uk

Let your imagination rip and watch the heads turn! At GLAMIRA, a


can turn into a glamorous and versatile piece of jewelry. GLAMIRA transforms brooches from being functional add-on accessories of grandma to hold clothing together into one-of-a-kind pieces featuring animals, flowers, symbols, geometrics and more. And the delicate designs of brooches are reflected in the final statement made by yourself at GLAMIRA.co.uk. You can customize any of them to be a perfect piece to say your words of style and complete your outfit. The range running from diamond brooches to brooches studded with colorful gemstones captures the moment when you open the gate to the brilliance or feel the joy about selecting the precious gemstones. They also come in a variety of metals like silver and gold; range from small to large details which you can decide on. You can create a contrast between your clothes and your brooches to catch the eye upon your vibrant touches of GLAMIRA custom jewellery. For example, you can combine a gold brooch studded with diamond and wear it upon black or dark outfits to benefit from the glitters of diamond! Now start building your brooch, and you’ll find it quickly becomes the incorporating piece into your wardrobe.