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GLAMIRA Kids Earring Delaini

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GLAMIRA Kids Earring Delaini

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This price is up to 55% lower in comparison to traditional jewelry shops. [?]

GLAMIRA is committed to offer the best prices to its customers without compromising on high quality. Below are the main points that help us accomplish this goal:

  • Established roots in jewellery trade
  • Direct from the source
  • Long term cooperation with reliable suppliers for ethical sources.
  • Advantage of operating online
  • No stocks - Get what you like, not what we have
  • In-house experts
  • No hidden charges

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Item no.KIDE-030
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  • Allergy-Free Material

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  • Founded in Heilbronn - Germany, delivering top quality since 2008

    Founded in Heilbronn - Germany, delivering top quality since 2008 GLAMIRA roots established in Germany makes us different from other jewelers because of two main keywords: quality and punctuality. Established and tested processes throughout years of professionalism and disciplinary allow us to offer top quality service and jewelery.

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    Direct from the source All gemstones and jewelry. Every step in a typical retail model influences the final price of the product. We are the manufacturer, covering all the phases involved in the process, from the very first touch of pen on the paper, till the product is handed to a courier. By refraining from dealers, importers, wholesalers and high street stores we are able to bring massive savings to our customers.

  • Conflict free diamonds, gemstones and metals

    Conflict free diamonds, gemstones and metals Precious metals and stones are often mined under horrendous conditions around the world. At GLAMIRA we guarantee that all diamonds, gemstones and metals used in the production of our jewellery are conflict free, originating from ethical sources and violence free regions in compliance with the Kimberley Process.

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Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba tourmaline is a very rare variety of tourmaline that stands out for its neon blue, green, and blue-green colours. Lab-created paraibas have the same properties as natural ones. The popularity of this fabulous stone comes from its relation with life, love, and earth through its effects on chakras. A professional cut further brings out the extraordinary brilliance and unique hues of these stones.


Diamonds have been admired gemstones of desire since ancient times. Formed one hundred miles beneath the Earth’s surface over a billion years ago, diamonds are the hardest gem of all. It is also known as “the queen of the gems and the gem of queens”. In Glamira, it is guaranteed that diamonds are “conflict-free”.

Lemon Quartz

Classified as a semi-precious stone, Lemon Quartz fascinates jewellery lovers with its fresh colour. It is mostly found in a colour range from a clear lemon to a very vivid yellow. This stone is known for its powerful and high-energy feature that removes negative emotions, self doubt and that lifts the wearer’s mood and brings confidence.


Classified as a semi-precious stone, Zultanite amazes with its unique colour-changing feature. Depending on the source of light and from different directions this very rare found gemstone is visible in different hues. Lime green in daylight and peach and cherry pink in dim light.

Lab Grown Diamond

Lab-grown diamonds offer all the benefits of natural diamonds without the environmental and ethical concerns often raised by mining. The process and materials involved in creating diamonds are exactly the same as for the conventional kind - the steps just take significantly less time. It's a green process that substitutes diamond, makes a very strong heat process and produces a clone. A carbon-free diam is produced from the diamond itself. These diamonds are now indistinguishable from each other and thus all graded based on the 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat) by labs such as HRD and IGI.

Green Topaz

Classified as a semi-precious stone, Green Topaz differs itself from the Blue Topaz with its green colour that is often associated with loyalty and love. It provides inner body peace, intellect and helps to solve problems and to get a good health.

Green Sapphire

Classified as a precious stone, Green Sapphire owns it special colour from light mint green to dark rich green through the presence of iron. It is said that this rare gemstone is very soothing and that it calms the eyes and raises trust of the wearer.

Orange Sapphire

Classified as a precious stone, Orange Sapphire makes the heart of those loving the orange colour beat faster. It’s pale orange to reddish-orange colour calms your heart and mind, releases you from negative thoughts and activates joyful energies.


Diamonds have been admired gemstones of desire since ancient times. Formed one hundred miles beneath the Earth’s surface over a billion years ago, diamonds are the hardest gem of all. It is also known as “the queen of the gems and the gem of queens”. In Glamira, it is guaranteed that diamonds are “conflict-free”.

Black Diamond

Black Diamonds are the diamonds which have a different crystalline structure called as polycrystalline. It means that it's kind of like many diamonds smashed together. Since it is totally pure carbon crystal in its structure, it is generally called as "Carbonado". However, technically they are diamonds which are even harder and more rare than white diamonds.

Pink Sapphire

Classified as a precious stone, pink sapphire was considered extremely rare until new deposits were discovered in Madagascar, in the 1990s. Pink is among the rarest colours for a sapphire. These stones can come in all sort of shades, from baby pink to vivid, intense magenta. It is said that, pink sapphires represent loyalty, trust and sincerity, hence they are very popular when it comes to choosing a stone for an engagement ring.


Classified as a semi-precious stone, the Rhodolite Garnet has quickly grown into a standard jewelry gemstone due to its attractive colour and the fact that it is often very clean, devoid of any flaws and inclusions. The name originates from the Greek word “rhodon” which means rose. In Hinduism it is associated with the root chakra and it is believed it encourages healthy sexual activity, feelings of stability and security. It also promotes successful business and helps with building self-confidence.


One of the three available shades of the Topaz family semi-precious stones, London Blue Topaz is certainly special and exclusive for its dark color. With this darker shade, London Blue Topaz stands out and is adored by those who want everything except the ordinary. With its specific green tinge,and the dark grayish undertone, London Blue Topaz is perfect for the engagement rings if you want to show how extraordinary your love is. This is the gemstone which will not only catch everybody’s attention, but it is even said to make your communication and your expressive abilities stronger.


Classified as a semi-precious stone, Morganite is considered as a natural, exceptional and sophisticated gemstone which can be found only in a few places around the world. Ironically, the price does not reflect its rarity. The most accurate description would contain words like rare, shimmer, durable, outstanding clarity and brilliance. Color that is naturally caused by the touch of manganese, might vary from a clear silvery pink, to peach and purple-pink, making Morganite exceptional and outstanding. Similarly to Green Emerald, Morganite is a symbol of divine love, which could be caused by the reason that both stones are the varieties of Beryl. An excellent choice for a unique engagement ring or as a present for that special life-time occasion.


Classified as semi-precious stone, Amethyst is the purple transparent variety of the mineral Quartz. Amethysts most often derive their beautiful colors from iron impurities in their crystalline structures, though they can also be colored by natural radiation exposure.

Green Tourmaline

Classified as semi-precious stone, Green Tourmaline (Verdelite) is combined with numerous metals to form its boron silicate body which is one of the most complex crystal structures. It owes its emerald green colour to the chrome it has in its structure.The stone is believed to attract luck, success, abundance and prosperity.


Classified as semi-precious stone, Citrine, derived from the citrine- a yellow fruit similar to the lemon- and meaning “lemon” in many languages, is the yellow and/or orange variety of Quartz. Being one of the most popular and affordable gemstones, it is associated with success and prosperity.


Classified as precious stone, Emerald is a valuable gemstone; the deeper and more vivid in the color of green. Emeralds, among the rarest of gems, contain birthmarks which mean numerous inclusions and surface-reaching fractures. As the gem of Venus, Emerald symbolizes eternal youth and rebirth.

Blue Topaz

Classified as semi-precious stone, Topaz is a stone found in huge and flawless crystals and can be faceted into thousands of carats gemstones. It varies in very occasions as colourless, yellow. With a good hardness combined with a relative abundance and availability, Topaz with a naturally blue color is very rare.


Classified as semi-precious stone, Garnet is a combination of several closely related minerals having similar physical and crystalline properties. Garnets vary in colors and size. However, the mostly known color of Garnet gemstones is dark red and regarded as the stone of passionate devotion.


Classified as precious stone, Ruby, being hard, durable and rare, is one of the most desirable gem. Even transparent rubies of large sizes are even rarer than Diamonds. The ruby has been a symbol of vitality and royalty for centuries.


Classified as precious stone, Sapphire is a variety of corundum and a transparent, often blue gemstone associated with peace and happiness. It is second with Ruby to the diamond in terms of hardness.

White Sapphire

Classified as precious stone, White sapphire is a kind of sapphire in colourless form. A sapphire takes its colour from the trace elements when it is forming.That white sapphire is free from the touches of those trace elements makes it rare and unique.


Classified as semi-precious stone, Fire opal is a transparent form of opal which does not usually show any opalescence or exhibit only bright green flashes. Its colour varies from yellow to orange to red. It is also thought to promote imagination and dreams


Classified as semi-precious stone, Quartz is provided widely from igneous and metamorphic rocks. It is often coloured as rose and smoky or by impurities.