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GLAMIRA Ring Agnella 0.5 crt

0.5 crt
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GLAMIRA Ring Agnella 0.5 crt

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This price is up to 55% lower in comparison to traditional jewelry shops. [?]

GLAMIRA is committed to offer the best prices to its customers without compromising on high quality. Below are the main points that help us accomplish this goal:

  • Established roots in jewellery trade
  • Direct from the source
  • Long term cooperation with reliable suppliers for ethical sources.
  • Advantage of operating online
  • No stocks - Get what you like, not what we have
  • In-house experts
  • No hidden charges

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Item no.agnella - 0.5 crt
Comfort FitYes
Width1,70 mm


Item no.agnella - 0.5 crt
Comfort FitYes
Width1,70 mm

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  1. M UK

    Markus Verified Buyer


    I was looking for the perfect ring to propose to my girlfriend, and kept returning to this ring. It has such an elegant and interesting aesthetic, one which I thought would be beautiful on her hand. A week after I ordered it, she started telling me about rings that she liked, and I began to panic. When she ruled out silver in favour of gold, I thought I had made a terrible biunder. I contacted customer services to have the order changed to gold, but it was too late. I took her to a lovely spot yesterday where we had a romantic picnic on a hill overlooking the town; it was stunning. I worked the conversation to our relationship and said, "Well, there's just one thing that needs to be said", I asked her to stand and on one knee I popped the question. I presented the ring, and she loved it! I was so relieved and thrilled. Thankyou Glamira for wonderful service and a stunning product. I can't thankyou enough for your role in that special moment. This ring is stunning, and has already received complements!
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  2. JP

    Verified Buyer


    本当に素敵なリングをお送りいただきました。 クリスマスシーズンは時間がかかると思っていましたが、作成から発送まで非常にスピーディにご対応してくれました。 彼女もとても満足してくれています。 リングサイズはデザインによって小さく感じるかもしれません。 私もリサイズをしてもらい、長く使い続けたいと思います。
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  3. O DE

    Oliver Wiedmann


    Super schöner Verlobungsring, nach Ringgrößenanpassung nun perfekt
    Der Ring ist optisch sehr schön und hat nach der Ringgrößenanpassung nun auch die richtige Größe. Für den Service / Rücksendung gebe ich 4/5 Sterne, da beinahe alles makellos funktioniert hat.
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  • Conflict free diamonds, gemstones and metals

    Conflict free diamonds, gemstones and metals Precious metals and stones are often mined under horrendous conditions around the world. At GLAMIRA we guarantee that all diamonds, gemstones and metals used in the production of our jewellery are conflict free, originating from ethical sources and violence free regions in compliance with the Kimberley Process.